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Our Story

Pasta Runs in Our Family

For decades, La Bella Italia on Laskin Rd. has been a "go to" for delicious, authentic Italian cuisine. We carry great respect for the founder of La Bella Italia and honor her by continuing to produce the best Italian cuisine possible. Fresh ingredients prepared with love and tradition.

Today, La Bella Italia Laskin Rd. is not only a great place to eat, it is a great time-saving resource. We sell the same "Pasta de Gragnano" in our deli and the sauces (made daily) to go with it. Delicious meatballs, lasagna, cookies and cakes. We can prepare your meal or a meal for you and 300 of your friends.

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"Pomodoro Sauce Gives me The Goosebumps"

After learning to cook at my parents restaurant in Rome, Italy, I continued a formal culinary education in my home city. Of all cuisine I cook, I am still drawn to the traditions of Italy. 1700 sauce (first made in the year 1700) is what I call the best sauce in the world. Even though I make it fresh daily, it continues to be an emotional experience. Come taste Italy in the pomodoro basilico sauce I make every morning; the sauce that makes this grown man cry.

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